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RE: 2wd quattro BTDT

	Seems theres lots of confusion here.  Do drive without the
Propshaft you HAVE to lock center diff.  Josiah is right here.  If someone
(cant rememer who) drove one and with light on car wouldn't move then
SOMEONE had switched lines so that with the switch in OPEN position it was
really locked.  Oddly enough though it should of worked in 2 positions and
not one.  WIth Center and REAR locked it still should have driven but oh
	Anyhow, I pulled my propshaft in the middle of Parkland/Tacoma
Washington after my bearing siezed jsut after I got off the freeway.
Pulled shaft, locked diff and drove obout 500 miles through rain and dry
to get home with a new/used unit that Max at AVS supplied me with.  Then
put it on at home and drove back to school another 100 miles away.  I had
no problems doing this and have had no Problems in the 30,000 miles since
	However, dont ever try this with no half shaft.  You'll fry your
bearing.  Also BTDT.  Oops.  Car drove fine for about 50 miles but then it
started getting really bad.  Oops.

>That makes very little sense to me. 4KQ's have an open center diff, so if
>you just took the prop shaft out and didn't lock the center diff, the car
>wouldn't move- the output to the rear wheels on the back of the
>trans/center diff would just spin, I would think.

	Todd Phenneger
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	1985 4000 quattro / Silver / Fixing it Up.
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	1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
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