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RE: Should I purchase an A6 Avant Quattro

>Well, you're likely to get a great deal of feedback from the folks on this
>list (they're quite vocal) but I'll throw in my 2 cents as well.
>You can't go wrong with the quattro feature - period.  Its tradeoffs are
>minimal (a little added weight, couple miles per gallon compromised) but its
>advantages are numerous.  The quattro is an extremely reliable all wheel
>drive system that adds great peace of mind whether driving on dry asphalt,
>packed snow, ice or gravel.  I've driven both 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive
>Audis, and the quattro is a bargain for the additional $1600 or so dollars
>it adds to the sticker price.

A four wheel drive is a must for my next car. My husband is quite simply
_sick to death_ of my toboggan of a van. Every time we have snow, _he_ has
to do carpool. Ironically, *I* am the qualified snow driver...

>As for A6 vs. A4, I'm biased toward the A4 because I favor smaller, more
>nimble cars, but they're both fine vehicles.  I'd suggest you simply drive
>the two and see what you think.

Great idea. I have an appointment to test an A6 Thursday morning. (The
nearest dealer is in Sacramento, which is too bad because our terrain is
far from Sacramento's.) The salesman offered to drive the A6 up here for me
to drive. While it is tempting, I do not wish to mix the hostess label into
the mix of buying a car - I want to walk out when I feel like it. If she
brings it up here where I can test it on _my_ roads, I simply will feel
more obligated to pay her for the day she spends with me. I buy cars over
the telephone - and I'd mail order them if I could. I'll drive an A4 as

  Nothing short of driving them will give you
>a true "feel" for which is the car for you.  I've followed the Audi reviews
>very closely over the past year or two, and every magazine article I've read
>thus far (including Consumer Reports) has placed the Audis in 1st or 2nd
>place in performance, and in the "car for the money" value category, the
>Audis are winning hands down.

I've been doing research on them as well. I"ve never driven the car, but
I'm loving what I read...

 The Audis I've driven are built like tanks,
>and are extremely durable.  The Volvo Cross Country is an impressive car,
>but the critics seem to think you pay a heavy premium for technology that
>can be had elsewhere for less money - and without compromising luxury.  Hope
>this is helpful.

Perhaps I am simply sick of Volvos. Their service is deplorable [in our
area]. I'm also interested in that aspect of the Audi. I simply can not
_ever_ again drive 1 1/2 hours to a service appointment where the "only
mechanic that can do this job is not scheduled for today". Volvo's service
(and no cup holders in the rear) is driving me away.

>Dan Sinclair
>Today:  1988 Audi 90 67,000 miles
>Previous:  1989 Audi 80 quattro 120,000 miles
>Previous:  1982 Audi 4000 165,000 miles

Debra Snell
Today: 1994 Toyota Previa
Previous: 1993 Volvo 850. 1992 Volvo wagon, 1990 Volvo sedan, 1981 Volvo
wagon, 1962 Volvo "fastback".
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>> Subject: Should I purchase an A6 Avant Quattro
>> Hello,
>> I'm new to this list and subscribed because I'm seriously considering
>> the purchase of a 1999 A6 Avant Quattro. Any advice? Should I consider
>> the A4 Avant Quattro instead? I like the idea of more room in the A6..
>> I have owned 6 Volvos and was considering a Cross Country Wagon, but
>> I've fallen in love with the Audi.
>> Thanks for comments. I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada
>> mountains in California. Our roads are curvy and we woke up to snow this
>> morning.
>> Debra