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Re: Phil - Ur Sun Roof Seal

	are you sure it's the cable?  i had the same problem
	and it was loose guides in the front of the lid,
	which would not allow the front of the roof to lie
	just below the opening, where it's supposed to.
	the wind noise from this was tremendous.  it's 
	pretty simple to adjust and tighten the guides.

	the front of the roof/seal is supposed to be below
	the opening, the rear of it just above the opening,
	as i understand it.

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Rick Stamm wrote:

]The manual sun roof is not sealing well which lets in a lot of wind 
]noise.  I would imagine the cable is stretched.  Is there a way to 
]adjust or shorten it without major surgery or does it need to be 
]Thank you,
]Rick      Seattle, WA
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