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Re: V6 Oil Filter numbers

"Craig D. Niederst" wrote:
> I ordered 6 Mahle oil filters from Imparts a few months back for my '92 100.
> I got the Audi P/N from TPC's webpage (034 115 561A), which according to
> them is for the '91 200 20v, '92-'94 100 (AAH), '92-'94 S4, and the '95+ S6.
> The filters that were sent to me were Mahle OC47

Don't worry yet.  While you have the wrong filter - TPC sold you an I5
filter and Andrew's AFC info is a Mann PN for Diesel applications as per
Mann filter catalogs - I don't think it's that badly off spec - I hope.

As builder of a filters database that will hopefully be part of the new
website, I can provide the following for V6 AAH oil filters.
MFG        PN
Audi       034 115 561A.
BoschAG    0 451 103 225 (by way of Mann xref-don't have BoschAG
BoschUSA   72163
Mann       W719/25  
Mahle      OC154 (by way of Mann xref - I don't have Mahle catalog)

The OC47 filter is called for in I5 engines.  Reason I say it should NOT
be a problem is the only difference is the height of the filters.  The
OC47 is <1/2" shorter than the OC154 filter (if Mahle specs match
Bosch)- all other specs are the same.  In point of fact, Mann W719/25
and W719/5 specs are exactly the same in their catalog (don't know yet
if that's a typo).

Technically, TPC sold you an I5 filter.  They may do that to keep
PN/inventory down - or they made a mistake.  Although one could
argue that you get less volume of oil filtration with the smaller
filter, who knows if, like Mann, the Mahle filter is the same size for
both applications.  If you're concerned, call TPC or fwd this post and
ask for an explanation.

BTW, confusion with AAH filters is nothing - you ought see the AFC
filter info - bypass opening pressures and antidrain specs are way off
between Mann and Bosch.  No data from Bosch AG and Mahle and errors/
omissions in the catalogs I do have are a big reason why I can't finish
this damn filters project. 
MJ Murphy