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Re: Shop charges rant continued...

>> And what about paying service writers on commission?
> Yeah but.... aren't all good sales people paid on commision? and who does
that person work- for the car owner or the >dealer owner.  Ethics should
determine whether the work is neccesay or not. at least in a perfect world.

Being self-employed myself, I'm effectively working on comission as well ...
however, my compensation isn't based upon how large a refund my clients
receive on their tax returns each year -- the cost for my sevices is the same
regardless of whether they get a large refund or not -- whereas a service
writer's compensation IS based upon how much work he can convince them to have
performed and not how long it takes him to diagnose the problem and write up
the service order.

I don't mind people being paid on commision so long as I'm the one who's
directly paying them, such as a realtor, stock broker, etc.; what I don't like
is people being paid on commision when somebody else is paying them, which
gives them a tremendous incentive to serve their best interest at the expense
of mine.  The only protection I have is their ethics and as we all know, this
often isn't very much protection at all ... look what happened to Sears a few
years ago.

I realize this is a personal peccadillo of mine and anyone wishes to debate it
further, please do so privately since there's very little potential Audi
content in such a discussion...