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RE: Shock Recommendations

It is whatever you have the money for................
Currently I am using Koni yellows, Bogue Gas (yellow), and Bogue (black) oil
in my two cars and I will be "mighty pressed" to tell you which is best!
They are all performing very well.............

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So what recommendations WILL people make regarding aftermarket shocks?  I
hear a couple votes for Koni Reds, one blast on Koni Yellows, another blast
on Blisteins...

I'm going to be in the market for shocks/struts in my Audi 90 in the near
future, and would like a little less roll and dive (my 2 wheel drive 90 has
quite a bit of both).  I don't want a jarring, bumpy ride though - you know,
all the advantages none of the disadvantages!:)  Any recommendations and
info on how they compare to stock would be helpful.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90

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Hairy green toads from Mars made Christopher Hlubb say:

> I have had my Konis for about 15,000 miles now and have definitely felt
> them become softer and settle in more with time. I was wondering in
> respect to the Bilsteins, how long they will last. Supposedly the
> Bilsteins retain 98% efficiency at 100,000 miles. What is the realistic
> life of Konis Sport-Yellow shocks??

Can't speak for the yellow ones, but the red ones in my 100Q
are doing just fine after about 80K HARD driving miles.


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