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RE: Audi Commercials

I thought the A8 Crash Test Dummy commercial was great - very clever way to
tout a 5 star crash rating.

I still think, however, that Audi has not capitalized on the appeal of the
quattro.  Obviously it's not Audi's only selling point (unlike that of
Subaru - they don't talk about anything BUT the AWD).  The magazine reviews
I've read almost always test the quattro and ALWAYS tout it as a clear
advantage over the competition.  Yet Audi's latest run of commercials use
surreal still frame camera tricks to depict people gazing longingly at a
passing A6, or show reflections of vintage Audis in building facades, but
say NOTHING about the car.  I realize Audi is targeting an "upscale" market,
but do wealthy folks not care about specifics - safety, road holding and
performance?  Am I the only one who thinks that Audi is "out to lunch" on
this one?

In short, I think Audi needs to be more aggressive.  BMW doesn't advertise
their cars in slow motion in city streets - they show them doing what they
do best - tearing up s-curves.  Why not show quattros doing what they do
best - tearing up s-curves covered in compact snow and ice while Bimmers and
Benzes crawl their way home.

Dan Sinclair

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How about the one there the shadow is trying to catch up with an A4, or
the crash test dummies one with the A8 (I can't rememder for sure but I
think it was an A8).