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Subject: '90 200tq Wagon Specs?

Brian wrote:
<There's no shortage of info about the '91 200 Wagon on the web, but I'm
<having trouble finding much info about the '90 (10v). I've found one for
<sale that sounds like a good candidate, so if any of you know where I
<can find specs, please let me know. 
The '90 200q (sedan or avant) uses the 10v turbo MC dual knock sensor engine
in the USA and Canada.  Extensively discussed on Scott Mockry's excellent web
site at:
<In the meantime, perhaps I'll toss
<out a few questions (apologies in advance for irrelevant questions).
<Does the '90 use Motronic engine management? 
<If not, what type and does it do diagnostics? 
Diagnostics are by blink code; procedures and descriptions of engine
management on Scott Mockry's site (see above for url).
<Is air mass measured by hot wire, or by one of the
<flap methods? Is the turbo intercooled? Does the turbo have a bypass,
<like the '91, to keep the revs up between gears?
Not by hot wire; uses a form of CIS with an airflow sensor plate that lifts
and regulates fuel flow.  Intercooled turbo (2-pass), no bypass.
<Does the drive train use Torsen, or an earlier quattro setup?
Torsen center, rear is a locker that unlocks at 15mph.  Open front.
<Are the mechanics that I'm likely to work on (brakes, struts, plugs,
<timing belt, cooling system, exhaust) relatively accessible and
<work-on-able? Does it have a hugely expensive achilles heel?
<Is the body as well treated for rust prevention as the '91 (10 year
<warranty)?  A lot of questions, I know, but I'd appreciate any insights.
Well, it's a 9-year old audi type 44.  Has the same fully galvanized
sheetmetal and 10-year perforation warrantee, so rust is not likely to be an

As these cars get older, there are many common problems well documented in the
archives (and on various web sites).  I'd say typical things to expect are:
leaking power steering pump, leaking steering rack, failing brake pressure
accumulator; failing radiator and aux. coolant pump; worn shocks; worn
suspension bushings; failing clutch and brake slave cylinders; possible
leaking/warped exhaust manifold; timing belt replacement due every 60k
All of the above are things you can repair yourself, with the assistance of
the quattro list...Best advice:  get a good mechanic to do a pre-purchase
inspection, and look over the service records carefully.  Make a hit list of
expected repairs over the next year, and decide if the price is right.
Maintenance is the key to a good purchase.
hth, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q sedan ==> http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/index.html