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Re: Quattro Commercial

Hi all

You can download it from:      http://surf.to/christers-web-page

Reijo Henriksson
Coupe Quattro -87

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>Where did you get the screensaver file from? Or if you made it yourself,
>you willing to put it somewhere to share with the list?
>'94 S4
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>> Hi
>> I have the same as screensaver.
>> Reijo Henriksson
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>> From: KLHI <kimon_ioannid@yahoo.com>
>> >FYI
>> >
>> >The other day I saw a commercial with an Eskimo with his son. They are
>> >walking around and the father is pointing out animal tracks to the sun.
>> >They get to a tire track and the Eskimo says: quattro. This is based
>> >on a poster I saw in an Audi dealer with a bunch of animal tracks and a
>> >you know what. IS this commercial old? Has anyone else seen it?
>> >