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Re: Keyless entry on 86 5KTQ

I went through 2 of those $39 systems before someone on the list sent me
the correct wiring diagram.  All I remember is that you need TWO (2) relays.

Fortunately, JC Whitney exchanged the dead units for free both times.  This
I suspect because I had hooked them up per the crappy instructions included
with the kits...

At 08:25 PM 1/23/99 -0800, tm2@earthlink.net wrote:
>Gerald Penyweit wrote:
>> hi,
>> I live in the South Bay area of SJ
>> HI,
>> I live in the South Bay area of San Jose, and I would like to know if
>> anyone has purchased a remote keyless entry w/o the car alarm? If so,
>> where, how much?
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>You can get a remote keyless system from J.C. Witney Mail order for
>$39.00.  I installed one in my son's Eagle and works like a champ.  I am
>putting one in my 89 200TQ.  You can wire it up to the 3 wires that come
>out of the left or right door lock vaccum modules.  If you short the
>middle wire to one of the outer wires the locks will open.  Short to the
>other outer wire the locks will close.  This is how I dertermined which
>wires to wire to.  You may have to use relays so you don't ruin the
>keyless module.  Position the module so that the antenna wire can be
>seen from outside the car. 
>Pat Korach
>Kirkland, WA
Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR