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Re: V6 Oil Filter numbers

quinn@hns.com wrote:

> My A4 (with the bigger filter) has recommended (Audi financed) oil
> change intervals of 7500 miles, but the *filter* change interval is
> TWICE that at 15000 miles!  All that sludge has to have somewhere

Uh, this is no different than the earlier V6s. The service booklet for
my 1993 90 indicates a 7500mi oil-change interval, with the filter
every 15,000mi.

I'm with Sean, here. Why did Audi switch to the larger filter? Prior
to this thread, I had thought the larger filter was introduced with
the 30V motor. I could understand a larger filter in such an application
(presumably they need more flow). But it seems like the larger filter
appeared quite some time before the 30V...

1993 90CS 5spd 73k miles