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Re: 4kq Problems Solved (Update)

If I remember correctly, my odo had a gear on the left of the shaft, which is
turned by the worm type thing. On the right of the shaft, there was another
gear which turned the tenths wheel of the trip counter. If both those gears
are firmly in place, the shaft cannot slide. Is yours that way? Am I
remembering incorrectly? All I know, is mine has counted many thousands of
miles since I was in there. A real thrill, since I thought I would never get
it working.


In a message dated 1/27/99 6:55:03 PM Eastern Standard Time,
phen9461@uidaho.edu writes:

<< Huh,
 	You can glue the one gear to the shaft but the shaft has to turn.
 So you cant glue the shaft in place in any way.  The drive gear on the
 speedo and the cog on the odo shaft have to move so I dont see what you
 are saying.  The dog on odo shaft can be glued but that wont hold the
 shaft in place.
 	Sorry, I just dont get it.