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A6 Avant v Volvo

Erik R Addy wrote,

>First off, why the XC model V70?  All that is is a cosmetic package and
>somewhat taller ride hight.  Assuming you are not going for the posuer
>look, why not a base V70 AWD instead?  Better handling, better looking
>(IMO), and cheaper (I think).  Or, if you really want to haul, get the R

I guess it is personal preferance. I like the looks of the XC. I don't
really want "to haul", I just hope to avoid the same mistake we made with
our 1991 Landcruiser. It was too slow and as soon as they put a new and
bigger motor in them, we traded it for one. We always said about our first
Landcruiser, It's a good thing the sound system is wonderful because we
have all the time in the world to listen to it.

>As for A6 v V70 AWD,
>I prefer quattro to Volvo's system.  However, if inclement weather is
>what motivates you to AWD, I don't think you will notice a difference.

We do drive "down the hill" frequently, and really don't live with lots of
snow. It snows about 6 times a year, and usually melts in just a few days.
We just need to cross one of the higher ridges to get the kids to school
and back, so if it is snowing, we are going to be on a dangerous road.

>As for performace, given the choice of US-spec A6's at this moment, the
>Volvo will blow it away (at least as far as power goes).
>I think the A6 is going to have less squeeks and rattles, but the Volvo
>is just as durable in my opinion.

Interesting opinion. I wish Sacramento wasn't so darn flat. I must make a
decision based on that terrain, but live with it in much different
conditions (bumpy, narrow roads that can be snow covered).
>The Volvo is also a better hauler, and I believe it is less expensive.

Not that much less expensive, over a 4 year payment plan. The XC I was
looking at was $42,000. The Audi is about $44,000. (I don't intend to pay
_that_, however.)

>Any specific questions?

Guess not. Thanks.