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RE: Blau is offering S4/S6 struts for TQW

I pulled up their website and checked out what they're offering.  If I read
that ad correctly, they're saying: 1) struts on '89-'91 200QWs require a
shock that ONLY dealers supply, and they're hideously expensive.  2) Blau
is offering for $179. per side an S4/S6 replacement that includes the S4/S6
spring rate plus the shock which in the future can be purchased from many
aftermarket sources.

I have a line on '92 S4 rear springs.  In fact, they're off the car that
donated the front suspension on my '91QW.  Is Blau offering the same strut
mounts as on the S4/S6s, or is there some adaptor involved?  
Is it possible to take the mounts off an S4, and will they work??
Enquiring minds want to know.


- Jim

p.s. By the way, that CD changer bracket I have for the S6 and A6 avants is
for the 6 CD changer.  If anybody wants it, let me know.