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Re: "Audi Assurance"

I was just at the Auto Show in Providence, RI drooling over the A4 
1.8T they had there.  I asked about the used car warranty and was 
told that the 5 year/75000 mile warranty was from the ORIGINAL 
date of purchase.  It does not cover the same things as the initial 
new car warranty which is for three years.  There is a $50 
deductible on repairs done at the dealership.  

> I think that the new thing with their "Audi Assured" is a warranty five
> years from the date the USED car is purcahsed, not original purchase date
> of the vehicle.So, it is like getting a warranty for 5 years on a used car
> (thought there are a number of wear parts not covered by the Audi Assured
> warranty that the original one DOES cover). Jon Linkov njconn@msn.com '96
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> Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 8:32 AM
> >Frank,
> >FWIW, when I purchased our 95 A6Q from the local dealer (horrible
> >experience, now won't even buy parts from that dealer but that's another
> >thread) it had 37k on it.  I think they called the car "Audi Certified,"
> >which they seem to call almost every car on the lot.  Anyway, it seems
> >like we only paid an additional $300 US or $350 US to get the extended
> >warranty which is 5 years from original date of purchase (in my case
> >10/95) and up
> to
> >75k.  If you would like, I can check the invoice when I go home tonight,
> but
> >I would ask the dealer about this option.  $2200 seems out of sight,
> >unless the dealer is also picking up all maintenance under a deal like
> >the "Audi Advantage" you get when you buy a new car.  And, to answer your
> >other question, the A6 should be a very reliable car.  I don't want to
> >start any rants, but I think the basic consensus would be that by the
> >time Audi went to the "A" cars (A4, A6, A8) they had solved most of their
> >historical problems.  I don't put much stock in "ratings", but a lot of
> >the used car ratings I looked at rated the A6 more reliable than the
> >comparable BMW and Mercedes product. HTH, Samuel
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