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The Quattro book / wheel fitment

Hi all,

I just received my "The Audi Quattro Book", and I think it's a "must have"
(for those who haven't got it) for those who like Ur-q's and especially if
you own one.  The book is a hard cover and includes a bit of the Quattro
history as well as repair and tuning techniques for the home mechanic.  It
is specifically for the Ur-q. Haynes, ISBN 185960 403 X, 19.99. No

On another note.  In trying to debug an alignment "pulling" problem, I tried
a set of wheels (front only) from a 98 A6 (215/45/16) on my 865ktqw, and it
fits perfectly.  I assume the rears would also fit. Just in case you wanted
to know :)

86 5ktqw
83 Ur-Q