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RE: 4KQ dash speakers and front outer cv joints, etc.

1. How do you go about replacing the front (in dash)
speakers? Can you pop off that little black grill or do you
have to remove the entire dash?

	Neither.  Remove the vents for the AC in the dash under speakers.
Then unscrew them with a small screwdriver.  Now they will pull out the
top.  To install something much better takes a dremmel tool.  Boston makes
a CX-3.5 or CX-4 that I think will fit.   Pat Martin has done this.  Takes
a Dremel Tool to bore out hole a bit and attach new speaker to old grille
or something.  I'm not totally sure.  probably actally attact it to dash
and then just clip grille in place.

2. I need to replace the front right outer CV joint. It
looks fairly straight forward (I haven't gotten the bently
manuals yet--was hoping to find some used but I'm about to
give up on that)--in fact, it looks easier than the last one
I tackled. Anyway, do I need any special tools (hub puller,
spring compressor, thesaurus of foul words)? Any special
tips from someone who's done this before that might save me
hours of time and potential pain?                         

	Takes a while if you ahve never done one before.  Second time is
cake.  No special tools other than a Rubber Mallet to knock of CV-OUter
Joint with.  Knock it off of Axle. Remove boots.  Put new boot on WITH
clamp in place.  Put washers etc in place and knock joint back on untill
it clips in place.  Oops, YEs.  Special Tool.  You need a tool to tighten
the Clamps.  Not to hard or expensive.  $20 for a nice one.  Less for one
that will work at local hardware store in the sprinkler section. :-)
	BTW: when you take it apart make sure you watch which way thing
face.  Like the little directional pressure washer on the driveshaft
inside the boot.  I think it is cupped toward the motor end but cant
remember.  IE..clean stuff then remove it.  That way you know what its
supposed to look like.  And dont play with joint too much or you end up
having 6 little metal marbles rolling accross your garage floor while you
have a partial heartattack.  They are hard to get back in there if you
ahve never dont that.  Esp when You dont know which way the Race fits in.
:-)  Oops.

3. My oil temp and voltmeter guages seem to be out of whack.
They work fine when my lights are on, but when the lights
are off, my oil temp registers high and my voltage low. Is
this common?

	Yep, pretty common.  At least the inaccuracy part.  Not sure about
when it happens.  I think it is caused by a poor ground or something. NOt
sure though.  I just know that many people say to replace the ground for
the gauges and ground them to the chassis yourself.  I did mine to the
Gearshift area.

4. Can you replace just the antenna itself, or do you have
to replace the entire assembly. Mine is stuck at half mast.
The motor runs when I turn it on and off. I can't move the
antenna at all by hand, even when the motor is running.

	Depends.  If you have the long 3-4 ft one then no.  If you have
the stubby 1.5-2 ft one then yes.  $30 replacement I think.  Dont quote me
on that.

Please forgive me if there is a FAQ somewhere and I missed
it (I looked, and I did go through several digests to no
avail). Thanks. I've found this group informative, and at
times, very entertaining. Makes me proud to be a quattro
owner (really. No really, I mean that. . .)            

	Glad to hear it.  Hope my answers help at least a little.  Good
	Oh, may as well do the Inner one while you are in there.  Only
like $20 or less for the stuff and once the shaft is on your bench it is
cake.  Of course you CAN do it with the Axle off the car.

	Todd Phenneger
	1984 4000s quattro / modified/ awaiting Turbo Transplant.
	1985 4000 quattro / Silver / Fixing it Up.
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