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Re: FW: A4 tires, cd player, 6160

Hello there,

Roder USA - Keith Krzeminski wrote:

> I forgot to ask - what is the next tire size up from the standard 205/55/16s.  is it a 225/50/16 and has anyone done this?
> I need to purchase new tires for my 97 A41.8q.  I live in FL so no need for the M + S tires.  does anyone have any comments on Bridgestone os-2?  The stock Continentals were ok, but I am looking for something better.

225/50/16  is the ideal size when you're uprating from 205/55/16.
I've been running SO-2s' on my A4 and they are just awesome!  Wet traction is
just superb.  The only drawback would be running your car at the track, the
SO-2's tend to chunk out quite a bit.  Mind you only on the front but still.  That's
the only complain!  I've run my fair share of Pirellis, Dunlops, and Yokos.
Dunlop SP-8000s' is also a great tire though maybe a little old but great grip
nonetheless.  I have yet to try the 9000s' however.  If for some reason you
decide on a set of Pirellis' I'd stay away from the P-Zeros!  It is a great tire
but it is also the only tire Pirelli won't warranty you for if you have any
problems with it.  That is from personal experience.  However this with Pirelli
Canada so maybe in the US is different.

Good luck,
Eton Chen

98.5 A4 2.0tq

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