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Re: 95 Vs. 96 A6

Hairy green toads from Mars made Stuart Friedman say:

> I have a buddy who is looking to buy one or the other, sedan. Has a 95 with
> 45K for about $20K or a 96 with similar mileage for about $23 (prices
> pending negotiation). Aside from price, are there significant things he
> should be concerned about one vs. the other? Were the head gaskets still an
> issue, as they were on my 93? What about the difscussed transmission
> "flare" (this is a slushbox purchase)?

The head gaskets were only a problem in '92 (and maybe some '93).

The tranny flair is my problem, and I'm still battling Audi on
it. I don't think it's an endemic problem to the 01A trannies,
but just something wrong inside mine.

I don't think there are any significant changes between '95
and '96 model years.


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