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I  2nd that.  5y or 75K Mi. from the original in service date.  That's what
I got on my '94 100CS Q in Dec of 97.
I didn't have to pay any listed extra charge.  Although I know that I paid
for it.

Mike Sylvester

94 100cs q	Pearl	61K
86 5kcstq	Pearl	187K

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> Hairy green toads from Mars made Jon Linkov say:
> > I think that the new thing with their "Audi Assured" is a warranty five
> > years from the date the USED car is purcahsed, not original purchase
> date of
> > the vehicle.So, it is like getting a warranty for 5 years on a used car
> > (thought there are a number of wear parts not covered by the Audi
> Assured
> > warranty that the original one DOES cover).
> Not last spring it wasn't.
> 5 years from original in-service date, and 75K miles.
> Thank god the previous owner didn't put many miles on,
> so I can get almost the full 2 years. I put 20K+/year on.
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