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Audi Assurance Warranty info

The audi assurance warranty works like this: 

The dealership is required to inspect the vehicle to ensure that it
meets the prerequisites for Audi Assurance. I've seen the inspection
sheet that the mechanic has to sign off on and it is very long. Of
course, I'm sure there are dealerships who don't inspect the vehicles at

Next the dealership submits the paperwork on the car and pays a $350
fee. Add to this whatever costs the dealership incurs in inspecting and
repairing the vehicle. They are then free to charge the consumer
whatever they want for the warranty. Expect to pay more than $350 for it
in most cases since they are entitled to make a profit on the cars they
sell. If they can't make a profit on the car itself, maybe they are
bumping the price of the warranty. The Audi assurance warranty is used
as a benefit to the dealer (to raise their margin) and to the customer
(to increase the value of the car they are buying). 

As I recall, the coverage is bumper to bumper for 5yr/75K. That warranty
starts not from the time you purchase it (and the car) but from the time
the original sale was made. 

Audi assurance warranties can only be purchased from Audi dealers. The
good news is that all Audi dealers will honor the warranty, which may
not be the case with other used-car warranties. With others, there is
probably a hassle of paperwork to fill out in order to be reimbursed.
That is if the third party company is legitimate to begin with. 

For those of you whose warranties are running out (original 3/50K), I
suggest discussing an arrangement with your local dealer. There would
have to be a paperwork shuffle, since the dealership would technically
have to have ownership of your car then resell it back to you. Normally,
most dealerships probably wouldn't want to bother. But this is January
and sales are commonly slowest this time of year. I would expect to pay
$550-$750 bottom line, which I think makes it something worth


P.S. Some companies like Chrysler have warranty packages for used cars
that covers all makes, not just chrysler. I don't have any details on
those unfortunately. ..