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RE: A4 tires, cd player, 6160

>I also wanted to ask about the Alpha stereo.  I know that the best would 
be to go to the dealer and get the system installed by them, however there 
were some >emails of other CD players installed on this system that were 
much cheaper.  If some one has done this could you tell me what I need to 

97 A41.8q?

97 A4, do you mean Delta CD Player?  My wife has a 97 2.8 q, and I just 
purchased, and received in the mail last night, a Delta CD Changer from 
Impex (see below contact information).  I've been looking for a couple of 
months and $350 + $20 really is the best deal around.

Thanks to John for the lead!

On Fri, 22 Jan 1999 johnc@together.net wrote:

> For owners with Delta "no the cheap Panasonic changer doesn't work and
> list on the one that does is $700" radio -
> I just got the changer for my '97 A4 Delta radio from Impex.  Works
> great.  Best deal going, $350 for the changer, $20 for the bracket.
> They at (800) 736-3550, no connection/interest/whatever...
> JC