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Re: 2 different 12v V6's? [Was: V6 Oil Filter numbers]

Sean_Ford@idx.com wrote:

> I have to admit ignorance on this topic. I did not know that there were 2
> different 12valve V6's out there; the AAH and the AFC. I've got an early
> My question is, what are the main differences between the AAH and the AFC
> engines? Elliott Potter has mentioned that the AFC engine received an

It seems from what we've heard on this thread, it replaced the AAH sometime
in 1995. I would bet that one of the major differences would be that
the AFC motor would be OBD-II compliant. That, I would imagine, is mainly
a software issue, however (with more sensors to match). I wouldn't imagine
that OBD-II would have necessitated any mechanical changes.

Maybe they took the opportunity to make some other updates as well... based
on experiences with the AAH :-)

I have no hard information, so I'm just speculating here.