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Re: 4KQ Rear Muffler--Design Defect??

Hmmm Pat was feelin fiesty last night..... I think that makes it
Pat 1 jpinkowish 0
Besides the reason they mess with the turbos is because it is FUN you idiot.
He must have never been for a ride in a turbo car.... Poor Guy.
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Subject: Re: 4KQ Rear Muffler--Design Defect??

> >Hey, Smarty-Pat:
> 1st off I did not intend to flame you.  But since you insist I may oblige.
> >Yes, I did investigate other exhaust systems.  There are quite a number
> >high quality, expensive systems.  Many with a lifetime guarantee.  My 4kq
> has
> >185k miles and I drive it hard.  The objective is not to hang $600-800 of
> >exhaust under a car worth $2000 at best.  If anywhere, I'll spend the
> on
> >the suspension and tires and a good driver's seat.
> Did it ever occur to you that maybe a system made for the 4kq might not be
> the best idea?  Custom systems cost less than $400 and are a hell of alot
> more stout than an Ansa muffler.  Not to meantion that you can upsize a
> little and get more power to boot.
> >So, I bought the exhaust special from Blau.  For $300, I get a realistic
> >solution.
> For $300 you got a piece of sh%t.  Sounds like a deal to me.
> Besides, the new Ansa design sports a visible reinforcement in the
> >weld area.  I should get at least an extra month of use.
> BONUS.  Ever heard of polishing a turd.
> >Perhaps I'll start a 4kq project car that will have high quality
> everything.
> >But it sure won't have one of the migraine, ulcer, heart attack causing,
> >wallet draining, sissy ass turbo motors in it.  Why you folks fuck with
> those
> >problematic turbos is way beyond me.  I read all those tear filled posts
> from
> >the 100, 200, and ur-q sufferers and shake my head.
> Since the conversion I have spent $0 on turbo related problems on my car.
> Obvously you are not a very smart jerk.  If you were you would know that
> only did the 100 not have a turbo but you would also know that the turbos
> are very bulletproof on these cars.  How many tears have you heard on this
> list regarding turbo's?
> >
> >BMW has the right philosophy -- if zey can't get the HP from a normally
> >aspirated motor, zey don't build it.
> >
> Those Bmw folks sure make reliable cars dont they.  HA HA HA HA.  Is that
> some kind of joke?   If you were not such an ass I would offer to show you
> why
> I f(*&k with turbos.
> Jpinkowish@aol.com
> aol explains everything.  Wasn't it James Carville that said something
> a dollar bill and some park.
> Pat