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Re: The Quattro book / wheel fitment

At 10:30 PM 1/27/99 -0500, Lino M. Valadas wrote:
>Hi all,
>I just received my "The Audi Quattro Book", and I think it's a "must have"
>(for those who haven't got it) for those who like Ur-q's and especially if
>you own one.  The book is a hard cover and includes a bit of the Quattro
>history as well as repair and tuning techniques for the home mechanic.  It
>is specifically for the Ur-q. Haynes, ISBN 185960 403 X, 19.99. No
>On another note.  In trying to debug an alignment "pulling" problem, I tried
>a set of wheels (front only) from a 98 A6 (215/45/16) on my 865ktqw, and it
>fits perfectly.  I assume the rears would also fit. Just in case you wanted
>to know :)
>86 5ktqw
>83 Ur-Q
Those wheels on the rear probably won't fit without rubbing.  I can fit
16x8 wheels with 225/45/16 rubber on the front of our 5ktqw, but there is
no way they will work in the rear without the use of a baseball bat.

For the 5ktq cars, always try wheels on the rear first.  If they fit in the
rear, but rub in the front, you can always buy spacers for the front
(relatively cheap and available).  Unfortunately, you can't use spacers to
solve any problems in the rear.


Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR