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Re: Passat synchro

Yes I think they did, but R&T still managed to get ahold of one to test... and it
came out ahead of the competition. It's awfully similar to the A4 2.8Q, though.
I think VW will come out with it for 2000? I hope they decide to put a 5-spd in
    '84 GTI
    '87 QSW

Chip Greenberg wrote:

> >Yeah... and you know what came in first? The new Passat Syncro. Cool : )
> >Kindof
> >funny to have two cars from essentially the same company in one comparison
> >test. The fourth car was the Subaru Legacy Wagon 2.5GT. And WHAT is VW
> >thinking? They're not going to offer the Passat Syncro with a 5-spd,
> >either! At
> >least not in the US. I think I'll move to Europe, they get all the cool cars
> I thought VW killed the Passat synchro idea for the 99 model year?  No?
> CG