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RE: RS2 Injectors

You don't need to go to Hoppen; you can get these from any Bosch dealer.
They are a Porsche Carrera RS injectors, PN 0 280 150 984 which flows at
444cc/min.  They run about $40 each.  If you're going to be running more
boost in addition to these injectors, I'd suggest a rising rate fuel
pressure regulator or bigger fuel pump.  The last thing you want is for this
thing to run on the lean side.

-mark nelson

> Hello all,
> I am in search of some larger fuel injectors for my '93 S4.
> 1) Can anyone provide me with potential vendors (I am aware of
> Hoppen), who
> would carry such an item? There are a few of us interested so a volume
> discount would be nice too.
> 2) Is anyone aware of any US Porsches that used this same injector?
> Obviously this would be the easiest / most inexpensive way to
> procure a set.
> Thanks,
> Frank--
> I have been off the q list for a while, but I seem to recall
> Malcom (in the
> UK?) installing Carrera RS injectors. How did they work out?