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RE: 4KQ Rear Muffler--Design Defect??

Had to add my .02. I had a local muffler shop build a custom cat-back system
using aluminized pipe and high-flow resonator/muffler on my previous 4000 q.
Sounded great, had better top end, and gas mileage increased slightly.
Probably much better quality than the junk Ansa sells.
My current 4000q has a Scorpion, which was installed by previous owner.
It's great, but I don't think I could justify $800 for it (have to wait and
see how the turbo motor likes it).

Also, the turbo system on the 10v motors is very reliable, except of course
the infamous exhaust manifold. And, at this altitude (5000 ft. and up), my
chipped 86 5kt will blow away M3's on the highway. And BMW's SUCK when the
roads are anything but dry.

Gary Kaklikian
86 4kcsq (turbo coming)
86 5kcstq (no performance problems, will pull to 6000rpm in 4th at 10,000
93 k1100rs (for sale)

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lets chill out here and maybe even apologize....
I think this type of attitude causes many a problems....

I personally love the idea of a 4kqt....
budget does not right now though...
Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion though...


Rich Andrews
> >Hey, Smarty-Pat:
> 1st off I did not intend to flame you.  But since you insist I may oblige.
> >Yes, I did investigate other exhaust systems.  There are quite a number
> >high quality, expensive systems.  Many with a lifetime guarantee.  My 4kq
> has
> >185k miles and I drive it hard.  The objective is not to hang $600-800 of
> >exhaust under a car worth $2000 at best.  If anywhere, I'll spend the
> on
> >the suspension and tires and a good driver's seat.
> Did it ever occur to you that maybe a system made for the 4kq might not be
> the best idea?  Custom systems cost less than $400 and are a hell of alot
> more stout than an Ansa muffler.  Not to meantion that you can upsize a
> little and get more power to boot.
> >So, I bought the exhaust special from Blau.  For $300, I get a realistic
> >solution.
> For $300 you got a piece of sh%t.  Sounds like a deal to me.
> Besides, the new Ansa design sports a visible reinforcement in the
> >weld area.  I should get at least an extra month of use.
> BONUS.  Ever heard of polishing a turd.
> >Perhaps I'll start a 4kq project car that will have high quality
> everything.
> >But it sure won't have one of the migraine, ulcer, heart attack causing,
> >wallet draining, sissy ass turbo motors in it.  Why you folks fuck with
> those
> >problematic turbos is way beyond me.  I read all those tear filled posts
> from
> >the 100, 200, and ur-q sufferers and shake my head.
> Since the conversion I have spent $0 on turbo related problems on my car.
> Obvously you are not a very smart jerk.  If you were you would know that
> only did the 100 not have a turbo but you would also know that the turbos
> are very bulletproof on these cars.  How many tears have you heard on this
> list regarding turbo's?
> >
> >BMW has the right philosophy -- if zey can't get the HP from a normally
> >aspirated motor, zey don't build it.
> >
> Those Bmw folks sure make reliable cars dont they.  HA HA HA HA.  Is that
> some kind of joke?   If you were not such an ass I would offer to show you
> why
> I f(*&k with turbos.
> Jpinkowish@aol.com
> aol explains everything.  Wasn't it James Carville that said something
> a dollar bill and some park.
> Pat