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Re: mystery relay/controller

In a message dated 1/28/99 03:14:23 PM Eastern Standard Time,
tnestor@cyberportal.net writes:

> I just found an interesting looking relay or controller laying on the floor
>  under the drivers seat in my 91 200 tqw. It has nine pins, a tiny speaker
>  the top, the number 290 printed on the top, and a part # of 443-919-439C.
>  Anybody with a parts fiche out there wanna take a stab at what this is and
>  where it should go? Hopefully it's related to my suddenly non existent
>  interior lamps.
>  Thanks,
>  Tom Nestor
>  Tilton, NH
>  91 200 tqw

Fiche page 9-030, it's called a "Gong", relay position "4" (4th from the left
in that row).  You'll have to pull off the kick panel under the steering wheel
to access it.  Don't know what the "gong" controls, but here's a quick test:
turn on the radio, volume low, and open the driver's door.  No gong noise?  

The relay next to it (position "3") is for the time control unit for door
contact, interior light, footwell light.

The index at the back of the fiche is great; part numbers in numerical order,
with page numbers referenced.
HTH, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com