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Audi Turbo Differences

I forwarded this to list just in case someone out there is sitting there
wondering the same thing.
	I could be a little off on some points so if anyone sees a problem
please correct me.

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, Romeo Shayne Pavlic' wrote:

> Oh really?
> I thought is was in 91 when they changed it.
> I guess I am wrong

	Nope, you are partially right.  FOr the quattro they did change it
in 91' to the 3B code 20v motor.  then in 92' they changed again to the
RR? code S4/S6 motor.  The FWD version stayed with the 10v untill after
92' (not sure what year) when they made all 100s with the V6 and sold the
S4/S6 only with quattro and turbo.  100 quattros also had V6.  
	BUT, before that.  Well, in the beginning (I sound like a story
teller :-)  THere was the original 5000 turbo offered in US in 81'.
130hp, non Intercooled.  2.1liter motor with no real computer.  Oil Cooled
turbo.  Basically a UR-Q motor with less boost and a less advanced
ignition system.  Then there was the KH code 5000 turbo which came when
they changed body styles in 84'.  This was here for 84' and 85'   Had
water cooled turbo (big improvement), and a slightly more primitive
version of the CIS Electronic Computer that is in the MC code motors.
Good motor.  Intercooled from factory.  Only bad thing is that its still
the 2.1l block.  BUT it has higher compression than MC.  Not as much
ultimate power potential due to older block design and higher compression.
Plus, computer isn't modifiable.  BUT it has Overboost Protectsion set at
what it was in Europe 1.9 BAR unlike MC which is 1.6 so you can run 1.8
bar on KH with no problem.  Above that you need the MC computer (easy
swap, same harness you just have to switch two wires).  Both KH and MC
have knock sensors which is a BIG improvement over older motors.  Both
have Sodium Filled Valves (All Turbos did I think) and both have Oil
Squirters at pistom bases.  (Dont think older ones had this)
	BTW: KH was 140hp from factory but I venture that was a little
conservative.  Feels much more powerful than the older Non IC turbo.  Id
venture more like 145 - maybe 150.  I could be way wrong on this though.
	ANd of course in Mid 89' the MC got updated with lighter Flywheel,
(lighter internals?????), Dual Knock Sensors, and Higher Compression as
well as a K24 turbo.  Compression went from MC motors 7.8:1 up to like
8.5:1.  I read 8.5 I think but some say it was as high as the 20v at
9.2:1.  I dont know which is right.
	Thats the end of my knowledge.  Boy, thats a lot more than when I
first joined the list 2 years ago. :-)

> Thanx anyway.

	No Problem.  L8R

	Todd PHenneger