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Who was selling the audi 5ktq engine in Florida?

I managed to delete the entire 'Interesting Audi mail folder', Office 2000
Beta2 sucks...

I want to buy that engine, the engine will be rebuilt, probably with new
rods and pistons, the head will get a nice porting. The low milage on the
engine makes me belive that the crank haven't taken a lot of beating, that's
good since I will be running really high boost!

Please mail me, I NEED more power, and I REALLY need a reason to go to Miami
again. It has been raining for one whole year in Sweden now!

There will be no problems with payment and shipping the engine will be
delivered to and payed by a Porsche refiner in Ft Lauderdale. I will pick
the engine up from him and take it to the shop that will do the mods as soon
as I get down there.

The reason I don't get an engine here in Sweden is that I don't know any
good engine rebuilder here but I know one in Florida. I don't want to ship
the engine two ways.

Tips on modifications and weak spots will be appriciated...

Jörgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden, Europe.