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My A6 Test Drive...

I drove a Melange A6 Avant with Melange interior (for those who are color
challenged like me, melange is gold) with all the bells and whistles. Took
it on the freeway, raced uninformed competition on the green light of the
city streets and found a poor excuse of a curvy road (the salesman said,
"Now we're really getting remote", and we are less than 3 miles from
downtown Sacramento  :+).

I decided that my expectations of speed are legendary only in my mind. I
was absolutely pleased with the performance of the car. I won every
imagined race leaving the stop lights... I could not use the tiptronic
function properly because I intuitively let my darn foot off the gas when I
went to "shift". After three times of doing the same thing, I shoved it
back into automatic to see how high the engine would roar before the
transmission decided to shift all by itself. (Hate those automatics that
hit third gear at 15 miles per hour...< exaggeration alert >) I was pleased
by the transmission.

Since I loved the car and was pleased with it's performance, I've decided
that I must have finally reached middle-age. It is a long way from our
first Landcruiser.

We left the Audi dealership and dropped by the Volvo (err, Ford)
dealership. I think we have decided to go for the Audi.

I will be so pleased when salespeople become informed about the cars they
are selling. Neither salemen knew Jack about the vehicles or warranty or
service. It is difficult when you are consistently correcting them. (The
Audi dealer said that the A6 had a two year warranty. It has a three year

Now, I have to find out what the dealer invoice is. Any advice on
negotiating a deal or how to find their invoice price on the car _and_
options? (I'm ready to deal, but am not in any hurry.)