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RE: Volvo vs Audi

 Steve of San Jose wrote,
>... well to flip the coin over I just read in the paper the other day that
>someone just got their car listed in the Guiness Book of World Records as
>the vehicle with the highest mileage ... was it pushing 2 or 3 million
>miles?  It wasn't an Audi ...

I read that too! Wasn't that a...err....how to say it..., a.... <volvo> ?

> It seems that
>some black leather interiors like to split their stitching at 8-10 years
>from what I've seen.

That is a good point. The car that I drove had melange interior. While I
_loved_ the brown/black combo., it would be so much hotter in the summer.
BTW, the A6 Avant had a solar sunroof, which _may_ help the leather over