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Re: earlier fwd turbos with automatic

> Just curious to find out if the earlier 5kt with automatic (82-83) had
> problems with racks and pumps like the mid to later 80 5k series. Or do
> they have a different system?  Auto trannys tend to crash on the earlier
> turbos too?  What about the oil cooled turbo system?  Is it on par with the
> intercooler of the later eighties?

1.  different brake/PS system - same as the 4k and coupe, vacuum brake
assist, nice simple power steering pump.  I had no trouble in that area
in five years of ownership.

2.  My tranny went but I did bounce the car off an embankment once at
about 70 mph.  Everything under it wound up breaking within a year or
two.  I suspect you still ahve to worry about the tranny/final drive
seal leaking, best maintenance approach to it is to replace the fluids
annually or something to reduce contamination.

3.  I think the intercooler is to get a bigger charge of air, not to
cool the turbo.  the oil cooler is just connected to the filter setup
(you have two filters, right?) and I suspect the later systems are
better.  Find one and retrofit it...

then again I never got it over 160 C.  In normal cruising, about 100 C,
get on it at all and it would rise pretty steadily and level off at

that was a great car (in spite of the auto tranny) to drive.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT