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RE: Ford buys Volvo(no real Audi content)

Doesn't it strike anyone else as kind of strange that Excite(the search
engine) was just sold for more than Volvo?  Somehow, if I had 6 or 7 billion
to spend on a company, Volvo seems like a better buy.

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>With the discussion going on about A6q, S6q wagons vs volvo wagons. . .
>did anyone notice the news this morning.  Ford is buying Volvo cars for
>$6.45 billion (that is with a "b" folks).
>The mind boggles--Volvo designers getting their hands on the Mustang
>The Ford SVT team getting hold of an S70 or S80.    :)
>Brek time over--back to the grind.
>Bill Murin
>89 100q

What's next, a Mustang station wagon?