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Making an offer.

>Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 20:38:49 -0800
>From: Wolff <quattro200@earthlink.net>
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>To: Debra Snell <snell@netshel.net>
>Subject: Re: My A6 Test Drive...
>Try a broker through a credit union for price. Might work.

What,  and miss all the fun of negotiating? Not on your life. Arun sent me
the dealer invoice amounts and I've trying to figure out a fair offer.
Considering that all of you [on this list] have given me more through and
intelligent answers that the two Audi sales people put together, spent very
little time with me today (I was in a hurry), they should not earn too much
money. Owning a business, I'm all too aware of the profit needs as well..

I am a good horse trader. I love buying cars. Do it all over the phone.
When we agree on a price, they call me when the paperwork is done. I get
there, read it over, sign and _out_ I go. Last car took me 1/2 hour. I help
all my friends buy cars too.