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Re: High mileage records... was Volvo vs. Audi. Little Audi Content!

Shoot. I just bought my '88 5kcstq with 194k miles on it. The po broke
it in for me and ate a huge bunch of cash in depreciation. Show me
another car for $2500 that's this good. Did I mention sport seats? Looks
great with A8 speedlines too, huh Mike?
Lovin' it,
'91 200 tq (gotta baby this one a little, too nice)
'88 5kcstq 1.7 bar=fun
'87.5 coupe GT
'86 4kq  15x7 R-8's straightened, ready for rubber

> 86 5000S, of which I used to proudly tell people about the 169K miles
> (original engine, valves, etc.), until I read some of the high mileage
> posts here... :)