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Re: Audi Question

Hairy green toads from Mars made Jon say:

> At Carpoint, I show the A6 Avant as retailing for $37100 (that's with 
> destination charges).  I would check the sticker and see how it is 
> broken down there.  On the regular A6, the quattro is available at a 
> $1650 premium.  It was not listed as an option where I looked it up.

> > Hi,
> > My Audi dealer gave me an estimate on the A6 Avant that I am considering
> > for purchase. One line item lists "Quattro" at the price of $1650.00.
> > Since Quattro is _standard_ on the A6 Avant, isn't this an error? If
> > something is listed under the term "standard", I'd think it should be
> > included in the base price.
> > 
> > Help me out here.
> > Thanks
> > Debra

According to the Audi web page, Quattro is optional on the
A6 saloon and standard on the A6 avant.

That's a new one on me; I thought it was always optional
except on the S cars. But now it seems to be standard on
all the avants (even the 2 A4's).


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