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Re: Know any decent Audi sales guys in DC area?

I got my A4Q Avant from Chick Stanton at Heishman's and I recommend him.  
I knew Chick from PCA (Porsche Club) events for a few years before 
buying the A4, and from a lot of helpful information he gave me about my 
'73 911 when there was no customer relationship w/ him; he was just 
helpful and interested.  He was very pleasant to deal with when I bought 
the A4 and Heishman's was good to work with.  He is a car guy [former 
SCCA licensed], not your usual salesman IMO.  Feel free to mention my 
name though I do not have any financial incentive, kickback, etc.
Jon Cole

>Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 07:14:17 -0500 (EST)
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>From: Scott Bermes <scottb2460@earthlink.net>
>Subject: Know any decent Audi sales guys in DC area?
>A friend of mine live in DC and is interested in an Audi, probably a
>certified used one. I know there are about 3 dealers in the
>metropolitian area. Anybody know of a sales guy he could call who is 
>straight shooter.  TIA,
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