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Re: V8 troubles - code translation

>	 I have a 90 V8 and recently i have been having stalling/stumbling
>problems. First i thought it might have been some bad gas, but now i think it
>might be the 02 sensor. I replaced it about a month ago due to surging
>problems. Those went away after I replaced the 02 sensor but now i have the
>engine stalling sometimes. I cleaned the ISV after it happened the first time,
>idles great the rest of the time though? Stumbling has happened on two
>occasions now. Once a  couple of days after replacing the 02 sensor, and now
>about a month later. If i floor it the stumbling goes away? I pulled the fault
>codes and this is what i got. I dont have my manual handy so i was hoping
>somebody might have this info. handy. Codes are as follows: 2341,2342,4431.

just happen to have the book in my office today :-)

2341 = 02 sensor

	various reasons for the code, ranging from leak between the air mass 
	sensor to just before the cat in the exhaust.
	Low Fuel pressure, due to low on gas, faulty fuel pressure
2342 = 02 sensor

	no signals from 02 sensor, as in maybe it's disconnected ?

4431 = Idle stabilizer valve

	fuse 24 blown, no signal from idle stabilizer valve, again
	connector loose ?

There are lot's of notes with these 3 codes, it's best I probably fax it to you.

e-mail me a number and zip a fax off to ya.....

Mike L.
90 V8
89 100 Avant

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