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Warm start problem - 5kcstq


Have begun having a strange warm start problem w/86 5kcstq.  Car starts 
fine when cold.  Will also start fine when hot (run it up to temp, shut 
down, and start again within 5-10 minutes) but if it sits more then say 
15-20 minutes, won't start for an hour (won't even catch).  Boosts good 
(1.2 - 1.3 bar) intake hoses are fine, no apparent vacume leaks...

Any ideas?


Richard H. Reed

86 5kcstq - Pearl/Blk Sports 127k (his)
86 5kcstqw - Grey/Blk Comforts 156k (hers)
72 911E - Green/Charcoal Sports IROC Bumpers and Ducktail (his too! :)

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