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Re: High mileage records... was Volvo vs. Audi. Little Audi Content!

I don't know anything about the Mercedes claim, but I do know that at one
point, the record holder was a VW Beetle on it's fourth engine, or something
like that. The current record holder is a Volvo P1800, I believe.

Michael O Muller wrote:

> Just curious, on the thread of Volvo vs Audi: the mention of Guinness
> World Record cars. (For sake of our British friends, I hope I spelled that
> beer correctly...)
> I used to see Mercedes advertisments that the record holder was a M-B, I
> recently saw some VW advertising claiming a beetle holds the honour, and
> now a post hinted that it may be a Volvo.
> 1. Who actually holds the record?
> 2. Are these records on the original engine? If not, then they are kind of
> bunk, as anyone can repeatedly put in a new engine, fix rust and other
> body damage, etc., and then drive, drive, drive...
> Anyone know? (Sorry for the low Audi content, but I suppose most of us on
> the list wish Audi were to hold the record; maybe for original engine?)
> -Mike
> 86 5000S, of which I used to proudly tell people about the 169K miles
> (original engine, valves, etc.), until I read some of the high mileage
> posts here... :)