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Re: 2-4kq's stumbling when cold

I had a similar situation in the snow & cold, rainy weather recently in NY. 86
4KS. Had no power on acceleration. Floored the pedal, good power. One theory I
have, since some of my quirks are intermittent, is injector seal O rings.
Gonna replace them 'cause when dealing with a different problem, accidentally
sprayed carb cleaner by the injector seal. This noticeable dropped idle. Guess
carb cleaner was getting sucked thru leaky injector seal and it doesn't burn
so good. Bet air is getting sucked in the same way messing up the mixture.
Will find out what the new O rings do to engine performance. Any guesses??


In a message dated 1/29/99 11:03:54 AM Eastern Standard Time,
MHLIGGINS@aol.com writes:

<< Think I recall all the ususal -
 injectors, cold start valve, etc. I recently changed the ISV, to no avail,
 because I had one from the parts car. Based on what it's doing I suspect the
 timing advance is not working properly. I have not had time to pull the
 distributor and look things over. I've got a spare 4K distributor that I'll
 try, plus want to look at this one closely. >>