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RE:Warm start problem - 5kcstq

Usually it is either leaking injector or you are not holding residual
fuel pressure  and this is causing vapor locking.

Step 1:Let the car hot soak the required 15-20 mins. Crank a couple of
revs. and then pull the spark plugs. If you have one or more leaking
injectors you will have wet plug(s).  If this checks out O.K. do step

Step 2:Check the system and control fuel pressures along with the
residual press. after hot soak. You will need a Bosch press. tester (or
take to mech.). If any of these are not within spec. you could be
getting vapor lock or the cold start valve can leak and cause this type
of problem also.  You can remove the cold start valve to see it is

Good luck.
87 5KTQ
Littleton, CO

Have begun having a strange warm start problem w/86 5kcstq.  Car starts 
fine when cold.  Will also start fine when hot (run it up to temp, shut 
down, and start again within 5-10 minutes) but if it sits more then say 
15-20 minutes, won't start for an hour (won't even catch).  Boosts good 
(1.2 - 1.3 bar) intake hoses are fine, no apparent vacume leaks...