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FW: Ramada Express International Rally SpeedVision Broadcasts

Hi All,

Here is the information I got from Ray Hocker regarding the broadcast on
Speedvision of this rally.  Frank Sprongl, Rui Brasil, Ron Wood, and some
other Q-people were running in this event.

-Mark Nelson

We are pleased to announce five air dates for the one-hour SpeedVision
Broadcast of the Ramada Express International Rally. This is an excellent
program produced for the American Rally Sport Group by Doug Plumer of
Replica Productions. Eastern and Pacific Time Zone Times are listed.

Sunday, March 7  9am East. 6am Pac.
Sunday, March 7 11pm Pac
Monday, March 8 1am East.
Friday, March 12  Noon East, 9am Pac.
Monday, March 22  9am East. 6am Pac.
Monday, March 22  11pm Pac.
Tuesday, March 23  1am Pac

Best Regards,
Ray Hocker
Vice President, American Rally Sport Group
Email ray@RallyUSA.com