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RE: 2-4kq's stumbling when cold

On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, William J Murin wrote:

> Let a 100 driver stick his nose in here for a bit.


> Just got my 89 100q back from the shop.  When I took it in it was idling
> rough, stalling at virtually every stop sign, had no power, etc., stumbled
> all over itself when cold, and had a flat spot in acceleration around the
> 5000 rpm mark.

	My car idles and runs beautifully.  Its just that neither of them
have any power above 1/3 throttle untill warmed up a bit.  NO stumbling,
cant tell there is a problem utill you floor it and it feels like you just
hit a foot of thick mud. :-)

> This is an 89 100q with 173,000 miles on it.
> Solution--remove and clean all injectors, replace some injectors
> seals--mechanic said they were all hard and cracked.

	Did that to my old 84'  Made a big difference at idle.

> Also reset the CO levels--let a non-Audi wrench fool with it a few months
> ago.  He did not have Dr. Bentley but he did follow the prescription in
> Mitchells and alldata--engine was way off on CO levels.

	I do plan to do this.

> It is cured--no more stalling, no more stumbling.  The car is still slower
> than grandma on her bicycle but it is almost a pleasure to drive.


Thanks for the input