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RE: A4 Race Question

To Phil, Ti, and others - I was purely joking boys.  I would no more want to
man-handle a race car around on the public streets than I'd like to enter my
own Audi in the BTCC.  My point was that 300bhp out of a 2 liter engine is
plenty respectable IMHO.  As a normally aspirated 10V driver, I'm a little
envious of those with more than 130hp under their hood, but I think I'd be
happy with something short of 300bhp!:)  I enjoy a little "shade-tree"
mechanic work every now and then, but tearing down and rebuilding a 300hp
race engine once a run would be a tad outside my comfort zone :)  Now, heavy
steering and sheet steel interior aside - who on this list wouldn't like a
go behind the wheel of Bintcliff's A4?  Come on now.

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90

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In message <000701be4bab$4cd87ea0$8f6ac8cc@WWICS.wwics.com> "Dan Sinclair"

> Pretty respectable?  It's pretty close to "blood from a turnip" if you ask
> me :)  So when are they going to start releasing that engine variant as an
> option in the A4???  I'm sure it wouldn't ever show up in the U.S.
> regardless...damn European only....:)

Believe me, you wouldn't want to drive a STW on the street.

 Phil Payne
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