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re: 4kq blues....

rjandrew@post.cis.smu.edu (R Justin Andrews) wrote:
> Here's the scoop... my 4kq has these new parts w/in the last 6 months....
> Eibach springs, Boge struts, Strut bearings, control arm bushings, ball
> joints, tie rods (rear) tie rod ends..... Now, I had my car aligned 3 times
> w/in the last 2 weeks and the toe is set at .05 degrees in the rear 1.3 camber
> and 1.0 negative (on both) rear tiers... now... every time i hit a bump the
> @ss end of the car kicks out like it's trying to oversteer (sideways like a
> rwd) every time I had it is sucked! except the last time it was OK... it felt
> a lot better for about 1 day! I am about to take this car to the dealer in the
> morning for a $35 diagnostic..
> Could Control arm bushings get this worn off of bent rims for 4 months???
> They are NOT torn but I will check them further if I here a yes CHECK THESE...
> BTW, the tires are also scalloped.....
> ARGH!!! New 16's I am frustrated!!

If you put stock control arm bushings in, then you would have to have been sure 
to tighten the control arms to the subframe with them in the "at rest" 
position, as was discussed lately.

If not, then it is possible that the brand new bushings would be damaged very 
quickly after installation.