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Cryogenic stress relief treatment

Well, I just dropped off the other MC exhaust manifold at the machine shop
for resurfacing today.  It is slightly warped, but looking at it makes me
wonder how much thermal stress it's seen and I'm concerned that all of the
built in stress has not been relieved as yet.  I would definitely be
disappointed if I had to take this manifold off the car at some point in the
near future.  While considering my plight I remembered hearing about the
places that cryogenically treat big castings like rotors and EMs and that
this is supposed to relieve any residual stress.  As I recall this is
something that Kent Anderson can do.  I've heard that the treatment is
actually fairly inexpensive, and if so would be something that I'd do just
for a bit of additional insurance.

I don't think I'll ask for testimonials, but I am wondering if anyone
happens to know of a company that offers this service somewhere in the San
Francisco Bay area of California?  I figure with all the high-tech crap
around here, and the desire to have all the latest fancy processes, there's
got to be somebody in the area doing it.  I looked in the yellow pages and
didn't see anything ... probably hit Yahoo next, but I also thought I'd poll
the list too ...

If I can't find such a service I'll probably have the thing coated to try to
keep the heat out of the manifold in the first place.  I may do that in any
event ... but then the coating is quite a bit more expensive ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)