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re: 2WD Quattro

Majority opinion re the car I mentioned with no propshaft was that it 
was rigged to have center diff locked when panel said unlocked and vice 
versa.  So a very intended deception, wish I could remember if the diffs 
lights worked when I tried to lock them, probably explains why the 
seller wasn't to surprised when I said there's no propshaft!
On a similar note, beware of cars (Gen 1 & 2) whose diffs lights turn on 
and off immediately with the switch.  This almost never the case with 
normal functioning cars that I have owned/driven.  When I first drove my 
current UrQ this was the case even though both diffs were clearly not 
locking. A mechanic for the seller had jumpered the light switches, I 
think to mollify the PO without actually doing the work.  I figured this 
out ahead of time and avoided a costly repair before negotiating for the 

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